How I lost 150lbs

Let's face it...everyone is looking for a secret. Something maybe they missed. But the truth? The truth is weight loss is always the same regardless of how you do it. The people who were succesful with keto, intermittent fasting, paelo, vegan diets, 6 meals a day and many more all have one thing in common...they created a caloric deficit.

If you'd like more information on how to create such a thing I'll be including that on this website because it is truly something everyone should know and no one should have to pay for. And now that you know know my secret!

In order to lose 150lbs I burned more calories than I was consuming. I did this using a diet called Omad which means one meal a day. It's a method of intermittent fasting that I stumbled upon when I realized that small meals were just not possible for me. They felt like food teases and I was in a state of constant hunger. I had many trainers over the years try and sell me on them and it made me feel that weight loss just...wasn't for me.

Turns out it was I just needed to find my way. So I ate a big meal at around noon every day. I'm a vocal coach so lessons typically begin in the afternoon and I can't eat anyway so it was perfect! I wasn't hungry, I was losing weight and I was fitting my health goals into my busy schedule!